A Word Exercise

A Word Exercise
Posted by Brad McKenna on Thu, 07/24/2014 - 3:30pm

Last night, we held a Microsoft Word 2010 introductory class. We went over "The Ribbon" and all the fun stuff you can do with a Word Document. So much stuff can you do, that it can be overwhelming.

So as a way to focus on a few features, and get some hands-on exercise, we walked through create a recipe. It helped to familiarize everyone with such features as:

  • Bold/Italics
  • Font style/size
  • Font alignment
  • Bulleted/numbered lists

More importantly, it got folks navigating from The Ribbon to different parts of the document. For those of you that wish you were there, or those of you that wish you had a way to brush up on your Word skills, I've uploaded the exercise. You can find it here. Print it out and then open up Word. Then you can go through the steps to create the recipe for yourself!