Authors: Tom Farmer and Marty Foley: A Murder in Wellesley

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Authors: Tom Farmer and Marty Foley: A Murder in Wellesley
August 21st, 2014 7:00 PM - 8:45 PM

On Halloween morning in 1999, Mabel Greineder was savagely murdered along a wooded trail in the well-heeled community of Wellesley, Massachusetts.  As the shock following the brutal slaying slowly subsided, the community was further shaken when the focus of the investigation turned to her husband, Dirk Greineder, a prominent allergist and family man who was soon revealed to be leading a secret, double life involving prostitutes, pornography, and trysts solicited through the Internet. A Murder in Wellesley takes the reader far beyond the headlines and national news coverage spawned by the killing and tells the untold story of the meticulous investigation led by Marty Foley, the lead State Police detective on the case, from the morning of the murder through the affirmation of Dirk Greineder’s conviction in 2010.
Tom Farmer is a former award-winning Boston newspaper reporter and editor who covered the entire Dirk Greineder murder case. Marty Foley spent more than 24 years with the Massachusetts State Police and was the lead detective on the case.

Age Group: Adults