Overdrive e-books & e-audiobooks

Check out and download e-books to your computer, mobile device, tablet, or e-reader.

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Freegal music downloads

Download popular and classic songs to your computer or mobile device. Files are DRM free and never expire!

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Hoopla streaming tv, movies, music, and audiobooks

Stream tv shows and movies, listen to full albums, and check out audiobooks to a variety of different devices.

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Digital Magazines

Subscribe to over 90 popular magazines and read them on your tablet or computer.

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  • Posted on Monday, December 15, 2014 - 3:47pm

    Listen to holiday favorites, old and new, on your mobile device, tablet or home computer!

    Music can be borrowed for up to 1 week and movies for 3 days with a limit of 10 titles per month. Items automatically expire, so there is not need to worry about returns. New users will be required to create an account.

    Visit our downloads page for more details.

  • Posted on Saturday, November 29, 2014 - 11:41am

    You may know that the Digital Media Lab (aka the shiny iMac by the Holds on the first floor) is good for converting VHS to DVDs. But did you know that you can also try out 4 of our digital services before you venture off on your own? True story.

    We've logged in with trial IDs so that you can experience of the services can be used. Please bring along your headphones to get the full experience. Don't worry if you forget, though, for $1.50 you can buy a pair from us.

     Visit the main desk to pick up the login information, keyboard, and mouse to try these services out. See below for details of what you can do.

        1.) Hoopla- Click this icon to check out Audiobooks, TV Shows, and even Movies.

        2.) Freegal- Click this icon to download mp3s. The iTunes icon next to it will allow you to play the song.

        3.) Zinio- Click this icon to check out digital magazines. Zinio can be hard to use because it requires 2 different logons. We've got everything set up for you here so you can see how it should work if everything goes smoothly.

        4.) Overdrive- Click this icon to check out eBooks. The Digital Editions icon next to it will allow you to read the book.

        5.) Downloads- This is where the mp3s and eBooks are downloaded. If your song or eBook doesn't automatically appear in iTunes or Digital Editions, going here and clicking on the file will open it in the appropriate application.

     Additionally, there are handouts at the DML that gives you an introduction on the 4 apps mentioned above. Use them to help answer any questions you may have. When all else fails, though, you can always as a librarian for help. That's what we're here for!

  • Posted on Saturday, September 6, 2014 - 4:12pm

    We've had a few collections of online materials for a while now. You've probably heard of them: Freegal, Hoopla, OverDrive, and Zinio. You may have even used one or more of them. However, the way of using each of them changes based on the device you're using. One of the most popular devices out there is Apple's iPad (again, you may have heard of it...). Well the iPad does indeed allow you to use each of the aforementioned stores of material. But you need an app.

    Since navigating through the iPad apps can be a bit different than navigating through a ordinary old browser, we're thrown some documentation together to walk you through the process. If we missed a step and that's got you confused, please let us know!