Local History Collection Policy

Local History Collection Policy

Purpose and Scope of the Local History Collection
The purpose of the Wilmington Memorial Library Local History Collection is to preserve materials that document the history of Wilmington, and to make these materials available to researchers and the general public.        

The major emphasis of the collection is current and historical information about the town of Wilmington. In addition, the collection includes a small selection of materials about the towns contiguous to Wilmington (Andover, North Reading, Reading, Woburn, Burlington, Billerica, and Tewksbury).  A small collection of genealogical materials about Massachusetts and the United States is also available.

Room Use

  1. The Local History Room, equipment, and furnishings will be used primarily for the purpose of local history research and related activities. If the room is available, individual quiet study is permitted.
  2. Patrons wishing to use the room must first sign-in at the Information Desk.  Patrons will be required to leave a valid library card or picture ID at the desk while using the collection. 
  3. Patrons will be asked to leave materials on the tables after use. 
  4. Some materials are kept in a locked cabinet at all times and may require assistance from a staff member for access.
  5. Food or drinks will not be permitted in the Local History Room. 
  6. All materials in the Local History Room are considered reference materials and may not be taken out of the building except at the discretion of a librarian. 

Collection Formats
The collection is limited to typed, bound books and pamphlets; microfilm; films; maps; and photographs.  The collection does not include artifacts of any type, nor does it include traditional archival materials such as posters, diaries, letters, or personal handwritten or unbound papers. 

Gifts and Donations
Donations are accepted if they can be used in an effective manner. Donations that are determined to have a more selective use in another more suitable environment are not accepted, but referred to other locations that may or may not accept the donation. Selectivity is critical to the maintenance of the collection in order for the collection to continue to support its core research areas.

Gifts of money, given outright or as memorials, are also accepted and can be designated for the Local History Room.  If the donor has a special area of interest it will be taken into consideration when making the purchase, however, it may be difficult to find items in certain subject areas due to limited publication; in those instances, the library reserves the right to purchase what it deems appropriate.  All gift materials are acknowledged and gift-plated.

Withdrawing Materials
The Wilmington Memorial Library reserves the right to withdraw materials.  Library staff will attempt to offer withdrawn materials to other institutions prior to discarding them.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees 9/09